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buddy123   in reply to stormywonder2000   on

In depeserate need of financial help

hi my name is irene i am in the same place you are right now but it my husband see he has cancer of the brain and he aslo had a kindey removed last even though i love to help you right now i cant i am very sorry

Talk to buddy123
buddy123   in reply to Ilian Stoyanov   on

Ilian Stoyanov

i agreed with you it tock a lot when we brough our home we brough it late in life because i had a stroke we now own it for 9 yares and we are about to loss it because we cant keep up the payment on it and i dont want to lose it see scinc we brough the home 9 years ago my husband now has cancer of the brain he also had a kindey removed last year now he is on a 6 month disibily from work and he is only making 147.00 a week which is not much my ustion is to you is they anyone that can give us a loan or some help i am debuteted

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buddy123   in reply to The Wizard   on

Friends Helping Friends

i im very glad to meet you even though the computer i was amazed at what i was reading i found it to be very intrestering even though i cant help right now because of my own problem i will think of you often

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buddy123   in reply to AidpageTeam   on

How Does Aidpage Work

my husband has kindy cancer last year he had his kindy removed this year he had a brain tumbor he is collecting 147.00 a week how do live on that it is inposible and i had a storke 5 years ago and all i get is 560.00 a month that is not much money i could like to know is there any way i can get some help i had tryed and fail we are about to lost our home and everything eles we have please help if you can thank you

Talk to buddy123

i am a house wife i had been married for 31 year and i have a wonderfull son and a wounderfull dog name buddy and i love them both very much but i need help with my house only if you can find it yourself to help thank you my email is
Talk to buddy123